Welcome to the CopperSpice project.

CopperSpice is a set of individual libraries which can be used to develop cross platform software applications in C++. It is a totally open source project released under the LGPL V2.1 license and was initially derived from the Qt framework. Over the last several years CopperSpice has completely diverged, with a goal of providing a first class GUI library to unite the C++ community.

Our motivation for developing CopperSpice was to change the fundamental design and turn the existing framework into a set of libraries for C++ developers. We are accomplishing this by leveraging modern C++ functionality, new technology, and modern tooling. CopperSpice currently requires C++17 or newer.

You can use CopperSpice with any existing tool chain such as GCC, clang, or MSVC. A C++ program using the CopperSpice libraries can be developed using any editor such as VI, emacs, or Diamond and built using CMake from a shell command line.

For an integrated environment Visual Studio or QtCreator can be used for development, building, testing, and deployment.


CopperSpice consists of the following libraries which can be linked into any existing C++ application.

CsCore, CsGui, CsMultimedia, CsNetwork, CsOpenGL, CsScript, CsSql, CsSvg, CsWebKit, CsXml, and CsXmlPatterns